He made as if to speak to me but said nothing.

Tell her to do the same.

It's time. I have to get going.

You've got a job to do.

Takeuchi is lying on his back.

Tell him I won't do that.

I'm really serious.

I thought you might be mad at me.


Why does the shepherd want a beautiful wife, if he does not see her during the day, and, at night, they take her away from him?


I don't need that.


How did you first meet him?

This isn't a safe place.

I'm for it.

I didn't need to take an umbrella with me.

The water came up to my waist.


Now that I've had sex with a girl, I no longer think about him as often.

When a cloud passed in front of the sun, I felt chilly in my wet clothes.

I told her I'd keep it secret, so I've kept that to myself.

Please tell me your location.

Alvin can speak neither French nor English.

I've been waiting for Clyde since 2:30.

Naren didn't even notice that Marion was flirting with him.

In my life I always was a liar. That's why people liked me.

I regret having neglected my health.


Dave is at the computer.

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You're not married, are you?

Maybe they don't want to give away their positions.

I know how hard you work.

Soon, I'll tell you some good news.

That's the part I don't like.


Is my French really that bad?

Kee decided to stay at Jinny's.

Arne doesn't live very far away.

Please lend me the book when you have finished reading it.

Don't do that. It's not your job.

Do you have a twin brother?

How did you manage to do that?

I don't want to ever see you again.

We watched an interesting movie.

Allan went ballistic.

Tomorrow's weather should be sunny with occasional rain.

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We've done all that we could.

He finished his chores in no time.

Chuck walked in the room.

I don't have a landline.

Any political party is conservative in itself.

It's beginning to rain. Please share my umbrella.

What's not to like?

Vivian Ward turns the tables on some Rodeo Drive saleswomen in the movie "Pretty Woman."

I'll do what I please.

He's destroying his clothing.

Can we swim here?


It is raining hard outside.

People are very hospitable here.

Get off the stage.


Ellen is the best basketball player I've ever seen.

We might need to help you.

Women seem to go for Marcos.


Bill stopped the smoking.

However late you may be, be sure to wake me.

Rex thought that Hector would like to go to Boston to see John.

"Who teaches you English?" "Miss Yamada does."

Do I look like an actress?

You really believe in ghosts?

He wants red glasses.

It was not until yesterday that I knew the news.

The octopus exits only to look for food and for reproductive purposes.

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Would you mind waiting in the lobby?


We're thankful for you.

My cat rubbed her head against my shoulder.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get out of hand.

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Giovanni and Norma went to the Luna Park.

Thousands of lives will be at stake if emergency food does not arrive there within a few days.

I can't wait for it!

It's no use confessing your sins to the priest if you don't think twice before repeating them.

You remained.

The more time the student has to prepare something, the less he will use to actually prepare it.

There is no such thing as the right speed for intelligent reading.


Elvis seems to be anxious to get going.

Nobody wants your book.

Wipe your hands with this towel.


I'll mention it to her.

Sherri is a junior.

I wish I could take back what I said.

Did Sheila say anything to you about Deb?

That would be a tragedy.

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One must keep one's promises.

Don't forget us!

I think the other path is safer.

Those answers are incorrect.

Ravindranath wondered what Vick thought of his new house.

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Let's go on in.

I can't let you talk about your own father that way.

The word came to be used for all small heavenly bodies revolving about larger ones.

I am not a doctor, but a teacher.

The meeting was attended by many.

I usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

There's a hair in my soup.


I can make that happen.

I'm not picking your figs.

He remained silent, which made her still more angry.

What you want doesn't matter anymore.

That's a big mistake, isn't it?

He compared the imitation with the original.

Ah! I forgot again! I was supposed to go to the library to return a book today!

My English is not very good.

I was killed by a too powerful word! - said the poet.

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Everybody was startled.

Sharon's blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level.

Nobody's killed me yet.


I like English Breakfast tea the best.


He decided to become a monk.

Barrett hid his money in a bureau drawer.

He's an odd man; so we'll have him referee.

Jwahar is pleased with his new car.

Sergeant is not only beautiful, she's smart, too.

I want this repaired as soon as possible.

I am thankful for sunshine.

Those students are from a very good school.

"Stop torturing me. What did he say?" "He said yes."


my wife quitted the job after her sister had died

Sridharan staggered to his feet.

I've been in Boston for three years.

It's Claudine's house.

We must make the most of our vacation, as it is so short.


I love my work very much.


My brother swims well.

I just finished cleaning the attic.

Love can mend your life.

I should've known I'd never see it again.

I want to go see a movie.

The salad is very salty.

That was actually really fun.

Sigurd needs something.

Miriamne told Mohammad he thought she was stupid.

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The president was a farmer when he was young.


Kayvan carefully locked the door.

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The bus ticket in Brazil is quite expensive.

This is so exciting.

I don't think Wendell is dead.

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Pravin watched a cartoon with his children after dinner.

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We're going out for lunch. Why don't you come along?


You may rely on him.


It will be quitting time before you get that done.

I'm old enough to support myself.

Saul slept the whole morning away.

I am doing my best.

Let's throw a party for Dave.

We can talk in front of Monty.

She's been ill since last Wednesday.

Do you accept AMEX?

Can we forget about that?

I got more and more bored as the speech went on.

Do you miss it?

That's not safe.

Marie accepted the gifts.


I only just saw the accident.


The traffic's congested.

The main character is a young character.

You are asking about something that is the reason for something happening in the future, and/or a usage. What is that reason, and is it for something happening in the future, a usage, or both?


You can take her at her word on that.

I'm kind of mad at myself.

This is the best restaurant known to me.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to solve this problem.